Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Therapy Session

Going to therapy is a personal experience.  Opening yourself up to others about your personal experiences is something that we really don’t like to do.  And, for those that are looking to join social groups, group therapy in st simons, ga can be an even greater challenge

Be comfortable with the process

The first thing that you need to do is be comfortable with the process.  Group therapy is not for everyone.  Many of us will prefer to do the one on one sessions with a therapist and that is okay.  However, if you do decide to go to a group, you may find it a very different experience where you can start to relate to others that have similar stories and situations that you do.

Don’t feel you have to share

A group session is where you are able to share with others.  For your first couple of times you may not want to share with others.  This is okay.  You are not required to share and others can’t force you to. However, breaking through that first initial conversation with others will be freeing and one that will start you down the path to recovery faster. 

When people open themselves up to a group they feel that they are being judged or looked down upon.  This is not the case.  Remember, you are with a group of likeminded individuals who share the same issues that you do. 

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Start Slow

Don’t rush.  The process is long and tedious.  When you start, don’t expect to have all of your answers answered or to be instantly cured of any illnesses.  Therapy is a tool that you can use to move yourself farther on your journey.  Over time, you will find the path that you are supposed to walk.  Take that first step forward instead the three backwards.