Control Better Than Cure

mosquito control in Lafayette

Today, it could not have been more pertinent. Because today of course, you are all finding it particularly challenging having to deal with the virus for which there is no real cure. Well, not yet anyway. The point is, you are now all required to exercise better control in order to stay relatively free of the virus. You also need to exercise mosquito control in Lafayette in order to protect yourself from that bug too.

Because no matter which way you choose to look at it, no matter which way you choose to look, mosquitoes bring diseases. The most common of them all is of course malaria. It is no longer a disease that is confined to the deepest African and Amazon jungles. You must just remember that mosquitoes migrate. Whether they fly or piggyback on ocean going vessels, they’ll be in your backyard before you know it.

And they could even be bringing with them that virus. In history it has been known to happen. And while you could be infected with malaria, and get treated for that, you could be bitten and be infected with the novel coronavirus for which there is no known cure. It is far too early to be complacent, thinking that you could recover from this virus. Yes, that much is true. Recovery rates are still good.

But the virus could always remain with you. And then there are those. There are people who are dropping like flies. The reason is simple. Control is better than cure for now. There are currently no realistic expectations for finding a cure for the virus at this time. But at least you are still in a good position to exercise control. And with mosquitoes, it works the same way too.