Why Are Dental X Rays Performed

If you get regular dental check-ups, you may be aware that dentists recommend that a yearly dental x-ray is performed on your teeth. If you have recently had a dental procedure done, the x-ray may be performed more often. You can go ahead and get your dental x ray in Harrisonburg.

Several things affect the frequency and purpose of your x-ray. Read ahead to find out.

Factors Affecting Frequency of X-Rays

Here are some of the factors that will affect just how often you may need an x-ray.

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Children often tend to undergo more frequent dental x-rays than adults do. This is because children are on the verge of growing adult teeth, and dentists will have to monitor their growth frequently.

This is important as, at times, the adult teeth tend to grow out before the baby teeth fall. By monitoring this, doctors can prevent any dental complications.

Oral Health

If you are an adult with good oral health, you may need an x-ray just once a year. However, if you are a patient visiting your doctor for any specific oral ailment, your doctor may ask you to get an x-ray as and when required.

If you have never had an x-ray performed previously, this can give your doctor a clear picture of your current oral health.

History of Tooth Decay

If you constantly face tooth decay or have faced it in the past, your doctor may recommend that you get x-rays done often. Further, if you have had previous x-rays done, this can give a quick update to your dentist about your current oral health.


A dental x-ray, when performed promptly, can help you track your oral health well. How frequently it is performed depends on various factors like age and current oral health. These have been listed above to give you an idea of how often you should get a dental x-ray.