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September 09, 2013


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David Brownridge


I was a professional writer before teaching here, and Jeff must be one also, or was one in his past Buddhist reincarnation -- great stuff buddy! -- the preface and epilogue were priceless!

One of my classes is comprised of PhD's, so older students; they saw my bike after class and a big session followed of old stories and such; how the 'san huang zou...' / 'three spring seat' was cherished and dreamed of by all Chinese kids;
how one man's father or grandfather had a Chinese bike brand called 'The Lone Ranger', which was stunning, but later sold for little when they needed money.

I often wonder if all the modern bikes and other modern consumer products will carry with them the same depth of meaning into the future...?

Yeah, 'Sandy' -- I like it, I like it !

Cheers, pal.


Hi I read previously that when you were stationed in Beijing that theres a saddle maker who can make one out of leather. Do you know his location / contact price? hosts.system @ gmail . com If you can email me, I would greatly appreciate it.

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