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August 21, 2010


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Larry Bone

Yeah, you're "forked" for sure there. However, knowing your creative streak, I would bet that eventually there will be a chameleon like change in the colour... perhaps even... one might actually foray unto the realm of hand-pinstriping the newly re-pigmented surfaces.

As to transfers.... there are products availaible... clear films you can print on in an inkjet... though you can't re-create metallic stuff.... base colours could be done.

As to what farked that fork in the first place.... I would think TIME more than anything else. Years of "use" far and away beyond anything you or I would be capable of doing... unless of course, we worked 10 - 12 hours daily using it for deliveries.

Hey, it's up and running... how.... (pardon me...) FORKtunate.



Larry "Boneman" Bone
Dingmans Ferry, PA, USA

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