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June 23, 2010


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Larry Bone

Pretty amazing stuff. My dad was stationed in S. Korea... Army Corps of Engineers during the conflict. When he first heard that Hyundai was exporting cars to the U.S. he was utterly flummoxed... knowing how primitive the industrial capabilities were just a few years prior.

The re-bar fork trusses are almost funny in an humorous manner.

Still, what I believe I'm seeing here is abject pragmatism at it's finest.


Larry "Boneman" Bone
Dingmans Ferry, PA, USA


"The re-bar fork trusses are almost funny in an humorous manner."

Yes, doubly funny.

Knowing how hard it is to bend rebar, I had to wonder if TEN such bars were really needed, evne if if the loads are so large. Or are they just some kind of macho statement about the bike's capability. Kinda like huge tires on an SUV.

In either case, most of the bikes had them and usually they had TEN.

Larry Bone

Methinks you're spot-on Jeff. I would bet that like hardware in your locale, re-bar might be a "dear" accoutremant and yes... certainly a macho (bushido?) statement as to the capabilities of the bicycle and the rider.

Thinking along those lines, that much re-bar probably weighs as much as Light Sports type roadster!

I've oft mentioned to the "Rolling Cloud" riders I work with, borrow my DL-1 for a week prior to your next race... see how much of a workout you get... and how light your cloud feels once you get back to it.


Larry "Boneman" Bone

Paul Hur

Hi my name is Paul and I found your blog during the websurfing, It is really interesting to read your post as i also studying in china. (I'm forgien student from korea) :-).

By the way i like to translate this post and posting on my korean blog in mean to introduce how american cyclist saw my country's cargo bike from hiw own aspect.

Is it OK?

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