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April 04, 2010


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Richard (Vintage Japanese Bicycles)

Less than $30 bucks. Certainly a bargain! In Japan they would go for quite a bit more.
Great find at a great price!

Larry Bone

Wipe your feet already!!!! Gad... all-gum tyres and now a double bar machine for less that thirty bucks.

Colour me green.... Well maybe not so much as it were, I can live vicariously through your adventures right here. Battleship components.... indeed! I'll be chuckling over that for a bit, aye?

Meanwhile, my colleague rode in today on his single speed Pashley Guv'nor... a very sweet ride as well!


Larry "Boneman" Bone - no double bars... yet...

Dingmans Ferry, PA, USA

Patricia Villanueva

Jeff, that bike is beautiful!!
There is a gardener that rides a double bar one some blocks from my house (you knooow there HAS to be a gardener in this story) and i am planning to offer good money for it. This one is black and red.

Right now my Hudie is looking for a classic handlebar. One more like the traditional chinese ones (like the one in your pic)
But i think. my hope is Ebay for now....

I got some 1940's canvas saddlebags!... new pics soon!

take care J!


Just found your blog for the first time, great stuff. I worked in E. Africa and continually marveled at the durability and use of the roadster bicycles. I'm back in the US now. Any idea where I could pick up a phoenix roadster here?


Andrew- I don't think anyone is importing Phoenix's into the US right now. But you can find a Flying Pigeon at Flying Pigeon LA, Joe Bike or several other places.


MUST see those bags! :)

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