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December 13, 2009


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Hi Jeff, just checking with you. I'm very intrigue with your brass bell. I was wondering if it's possible for you to help me get one from Panjiayuan? As for payment details, maybe we can discuss it over emails. Your help will be greatly appreciated.


"If you have a baby boy, get a Forever, because he will be with the family always, but if you have a baby girl, get a Flying Pigeon because she will eventually fly away."

What's the Chinese for this?


5 lug to 5 lug billet

Nice blog. Has a lot of information about the Shanghai Forever said above. Each part has a high quality and it's a good brand I think. Good job.

David Brownridge

Super website, even though I just scratched the surface so far, but I simply worship old Chinese bicycles (zixingche/ zuh-shing-chuh in West-phonetics roughly) ever since started working in China years ago. My first was a 2nd-hand Flying Pigeon -- even the names totally rock! It cost $17. Tianjin was flat so I could motor on those 28" wheels! Repairs cost .50 - $1.50 I'm back now and got a Hong Qi/ Red Flag with superb headbadge and was told it was the most famous. Second-hand, @25., a bit beat, I locked it outside my university teacher dorm. Within 2 weeks it was stolen, cut lock. I was stunned due to all the new mountain bikes here ready to steal. I now have a Shanghai Forever, same price but better brakes and tires than the last, good for the mountain I live on. Other cool bikes at the 2nd-hand market but suddenly they're wanting $30-$150 for the old ones. Anyway, I always thought I might get rich if I could ship a boat-load back to the West - they are just so freakin' cool.

JS...of the Flying Pigeon Project


Great to here from you. Hope things are good in Lanzhou. Another one of my hobbies is collecting Tibetan rugs, so let me know if you come across any.

Further more, does anyone in Lanzhou motorize their bikes?

If you've got pics of your bike or the bike scene in Lanzhou, I'd be happy to post them here.

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