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August 29, 2009


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Larry Bone

Always difficult to tell from pictures online but these machines are either of a pretty decent quality.... or finely detailed by their owners... or it could just be they look good in the pics.

All in all, they look to be quite sharp!

Thanks for posting them up!

Dan Kretzer

Does anyone know the difference between a Phoenix and a Fuji Phoenix. Was the Fuji Phoenix an export model? I have a blue, ladies single speed, caliper brake bike that is missing the headbadge. The Phoenix logo is on the down tube but I want to replace the missing headbadge with the correct one. Phoenix is spelled out on the chainring. Looks like it was intended for the US. (Raleigh type fork, drop-center rims etc.)
Thanks, Dan, NY

Peter Healing

Fascinating. A Humber bicycle has turned up on Trademe.co.nz in New Zealand with a Fenghuang chainwheel. The Humber looks authentic with a humber brass head badge. The chainwheel has FENGHUANG in upper case font as part of the webbing. We assume it was fitted later.
http://www.trademe.co.nz/Sports/Cycling/Other-bikes/auction-244491969.htm accessed 30/09/09



I think you'd be safest putting a Phoenix badge on it. As long as the bird is on the downtube and in the Chainring, then it's probably a Phoenix.

I haven't heard of Fuji-Phoenix but I too have seen the badge on Ebay. My guess is that it just be intended for the Japanese market as Fuji is a term usually associated with Japan.

Another possibility is that "Fuji-Phoenix" was an attempt by Feng Huang to create a flanker brand in markets where the Japanese brand Fuji had greater brand recognition.

That's my speculation...and that's really all it is.



Hi, my name is Fabio, I live in Shanghai and I would like to buy a new bike Phoenix brand, but I don't find a Shop.. You can help me? how much is the price? thank you so much.. bye bye


Hey Jeff! I´m Billy, from Uruguay, South America. I´m just restoring a men´s Phoenix bike (check it out here: http://www.ratrodbikes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=33351) and I could use some help with Decals. I need to repaint the hole bike and I´d like to reapply the decals so I´d love to know where I can get a nice pic of them, a PDF, or something from where I can duplicate them. Please fell free to contact me,
Best Regards,

Ning Wang

Can I buy a Shanghai Phoenix in USA?

Ning Wang

Bryan Daniel Macho

I own a Phoenix 1950s Rod Brake Style, With the crank cover, Phoenix front Badge, Sturmey archer 3 speed made in England, Brooks made in England b67 leather sattle. Serial Number is YF01254 I would really like more information on this bike and its value. I would POSSIBLY sell it. As of it now its one of my collector pieces. NEARLY MINT. Made in Shanghai china I believe???? I can post pictures or you can email me at machosmb@icloud.com PLEASE HELP I NEED INFO ON THIS BIKE!! COMPLETELY ORIGINAL OR CALL BRYAN 612-804-3932 EMAIL machosmb@icloud.com

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